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Posted by Benjamin Enkema on September 15, 2016 at 11:25 AM

First, let me say again, if I have ever been too quiet or reserved on the issue, that I love and serve my mother Earth and give to her my life and body and strength, time and devotion and commitment to make her healthy and well and vibrant with life. I am a hard worker. I genuinely love hard work. Recently, and in the past, I have had people suggest that I offer one or more garden plots for rent or fair use? perhaps trade a portion of the harvest for the right to use a small plot for cultivation and planting. Let me say, I am open to this kind of idea. I am, and have been open to any idea that brings a human being with a strong will and desire to get their hands in the dirt and give their energy and time and commitment to cultivating life from the soil, as I am, into my life and world here at my home, where I work and dream and live and serve my mother in the flesh and my celestial mother of the universe, the Earth. Not only is there a piece of soil here waiting to be cultivated by someone who wishes to coverse with the life and will of the Earth to give of herself, out of herself, but I am here, waiting, still waiting, and willing to go to work every single day with that person who has the simple and straightforward commitment of making a plan, setting a time, and showing up to fulfill their desire to work for good, too. I will work together with anyone who feels this message resonates in their hearts, and what is pulled from the soil will be yours, not mine. If you put in an hour, I will be right there with you putting in the same time, to help make the soil you wish to know, speak to you the way it wants to, and trys to. What is it you want? What are you so in love with and drawn to that you do not make time to commune with the source of all life? I don't have the answer for you. Think about it.

Some of you have gardens of your own, and you may say to yourself, doesn't this guy realize I have work of my own to do? If you are thinking that, you are not hearing my message. I do not need your help. That is not my message. If I needed your help, I would say, HELP! I just want to, again, as I have before, send a message to anyone who wants a clearer connection and a healthier, fuller conversation with the earth and the soil and the harvest that is their birthright, that I am willing to help you make that connection and not for me, but for you, and for those who will ultimately benefit from more individuals being present and engaging in life and Love, naturally. I say all of this with a happy heart, full of joy in my soul, ever hopeful that my message doesn't fall on deaf ears. I know well, the Love I take from her will always be greater than the Love I could ever make or give in return. Hope remains, alive and well in my camp, and the prolific love from the Earth will continue, without pause. I just work here, happily. Before I leave this life behind, still, I hope someone will hear my simple call to arms, a call to serve and commune and give, and to learn of Love from the source of it, nature, the earth, our mother. The harvest is great, but the worker's are few. Be a worker. Can you make time for it? What is it worth?


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