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Posted by Benjamin Enkema on September 15, 2016 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

First, let me say again, if I have ever been too quiet or reserved on the issue, that I love and serve my mother Earth and give to her my life and body and strength, time and devotion and commitment to make her healthy and well and vibrant with life. I am a hard worker. I genuinely love hard work. Recently, and in the past, I have had people suggest that I offer one or more garden plots for rent or fair use? perhaps trade a portion of the harvest for the right to use a small plot for cultivation and planting. Let me say, I am open to this kind of idea. I am, and have been open to any idea that brings a human being with a strong will and desire to get their hands in the dirt and give their energy and time and commitment to cultivating life from the soil, as I am, into my life and world here at my home, where I work and dream and live and serve my mother in the flesh and my celestial mother of the universe, the Earth. Not only is there a piece of soil here waiting to be cultivated by someone who wishes to coverse with the life and will of the Earth to give of herself, out of herself, but I am here, waiting, still waiting, and willing to go to work every single day with that person who has the simple and straightforward commitment of making a plan, setting a time, and showing up to fulfill their desire to work for good, too. I will work together with anyone who feels this message resonates in their hearts, and what is pulled from the soil will be yours, not mine. If you put in an hour, I will be right there with you putting in the same time, to help make the soil you wish to know, speak to you the way it wants to, and trys to. What is it you want? What are you so in love with and drawn to that you do not make time to commune with the source of all life? I don't have the answer for you. Think about it.

Some of you have gardens of your own, and you may say to yourself, doesn't this guy realize I have work of my own to do? If you are thinking that, you are not hearing my message. I do not need your help. That is not my message. If I needed your help, I would say, HELP! I just want to, again, as I have before, send a message to anyone who wants a clearer connection and a healthier, fuller conversation with the earth and the soil and the harvest that is their birthright, that I am willing to help you make that connection and not for me, but for you, and for those who will ultimately benefit from more individuals being present and engaging in life and Love, naturally. I say all of this with a happy heart, full of joy in my soul, ever hopeful that my message doesn't fall on deaf ears. I know well, the Love I take from her will always be greater than the Love I could ever make or give in return. Hope remains, alive and well in my camp, and the prolific love from the Earth will continue, without pause. I just work here, happily. Before I leave this life behind, still, I hope someone will hear my simple call to arms, a call to serve and commune and give, and to learn of Love from the source of it, nature, the earth, our mother. The harvest is great, but the worker's are few. Be a worker. Can you make time for it? What is it worth?


Hope, encouragement, and focus for 2016

Posted by Benjamin Enkema on January 18, 2016 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Eat well. Feel well. Be well. Stop believing happiness is something that will happen when you've achieved some level of success in any way shape or form, money, relationships, professions etc. In fact, let go of your overwhelming need to be happy all the time and embrace the idea that your mind and body and soul are one, and that good health is enough, more than enough, to satisfy any craving or need you believe is part of you. Adopt practices and habits that lead to wellness. Allow food to be thy medicine! Feel the love from the earth, through your body. Nobody can do this for you. Nothing else on the planet will substitute. Love is all there is. No regrets. Give Love. Receive Love. Time is so very precious. Love. Stay focused. Do good deeds. Offer kind words to those around you. Reject negativity and anything that weakens you, draws lines between you and others, or makes you feel bad about yourself, or causes you to have judgement for another human being. I believe men and women are hard wired with a need to sacrifice themselves for another, for a cause, for something outside of themselves. This is played out in the military, but also with family life, and romantic relationships. Don't forget the earth, our one true mother in this life. Love her. Make sacrifices and give back to her. Be aware of the kinds of practices you support and help fund with your purchases that abuse and damage her. You wouldn't pay someone to beat your family. Why would you sell your Earth Mother into slavery to be raped and tortured? It's not such a small world, after all. There are bad things happening you never see, but they are happening none the less, and growing bigger with your donations. Don't manifest them. Grow something good. Fund the revolution. Find your players and help grow their mission of change in the world, for us all. Know your worth. Trust your instincts. Experiment. Be curious and find out for yourself what is true. The truth will set you free, so that's a good clue. Don't forget it. Don't let anyone tell you who you are, and don't let people tell you who other people are. Know who you are, and know who others are yourself, personally. Don't gossip. This goes for religion and spiritual endeavors of the body and soul. Just because someone is "popular" doesn't mean they are a good person for you or for your outlook on others around you. Life is awkward. Let it be. Don't try to fit in because it's more comfortable that way. Go your own way, even if nobody else is going that way. Have a plan and stick to it. Drink plenty of water. Get enough sleep and respect your bodies rhythm. Eat your vegetables. The earth is giving it away. Plant seeds. Save seeds. Compost. Mulch. Be still. Take a deep breath, alone, at dawn. Exhale. Recognize the universal divine message of love and community. We are all one family. Love is real. Don't put off Love. Be good to you and be good to others. Don't let your time slip up on you! Love, always. No regrets. Stay hungry for good. Let Us Eat

work it out

Posted by Benjamin Enkema on June 18, 2013 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

floorboards up

Posted by Let Us Eat on March 24, 2013 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Birds Bees Goats and Greenhouses

Posted by Let Us Eat on March 20, 2013 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I was lucky to attend three days of beekeeping school last week in Johnson City, where I met members of Washington County Beekeepers and others. I've ordered my hive (a ten frame starter hive) and will soon order the bees! I worked with friends yesterday to get the old hoops covered and operating again as a tool for getting all sorts of edibles and flowers started early. Last night before dusk I welcomed a mother kiko goat and her two kids, both males, born three weeks ago on Stony Creek in Elizabethton. They look happy and healthy today and I believe they will pull their weight around here, cleaning up wherever they go. :) I also have twenty two Welsummer Bantams on their way to arrive in June! I hope everyone is enjoying the spring air and starting seeds of your own if you have a good spot. Keep those young sprouts wet and not too cold! It's back to work for me. No time for sitting around here - Banzai

Fava Bean forest, Bantams ordered and Kikos on the way

Posted by Let Us Eat on March 13, 2013 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Just before the skies opened up tuesday afternoon, I was able to get several hundred fava beans planted in the dirt. Mother, with advanced stage parkinsons disease uses fava beans in tincture and peanut balls that treat her symptoms. Fava beans are one of the best green manures which will help build the soils biomass and ready it for succeeding crops, in addition to giving me lots of good beans for mothers medicine. Fava bean roots are strong and mine nutrients deep in the ground and bring them to the surface! If that's not enough, they'll all have pretty sweet smelling flowers to attract beas and other beneficial insects into the garden to live! I planted Windsor Favas and also Bell Beans, another smaller bean variety of the same species. I have 22 Welsummer Bantam chicks arriving in June and I'll have a few Kiko goats foraging on roughage and my fava bean forest by springtime.


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